Become a Pilates Instructor!

Certification Overview

The Pilates Center of San Francisco holds the most comprehensive Classical Pilates Certification program in the San Francisco Bay Area. Students living in the Bay Area are offered an Independent Study Option for teacher training. This allows apprentices of the pilates instructor certification to acquire their practical training hours in San Francisco under the tutelage of Teacher Trainer, Martt Lawrence while also having the opportunity to study in Seattle with world renowned Master Teacher, Dorothee VandeWalle.

It typically takes one year for apprentices to complete the approximately 700 hours needed for this demanding certification. The hours are comprised of observation, practice teaching, independent study, seminars and pilates sessions. Apprentices are required to attend all levels of the pilates instructor training seminars at least once and the Intermediate Seminar preferably twice before certification. Practical exams are taken at all three levels, and written exams are taken at the Intermediate and Advanced levels.

How do I become a Pilates Instructor?

Before applying to the program, students are required to demonstrate competency in the Intermediate reformer work and advanced mat curriculum. Interested students are given an assesment with teacher trainer Martt Lawrence, who will then determine a study plan to prepare the apprentice. Instruction is given on when and how to submit the appropriate application materials prior to the Basic Seminar.

What are my prospects for employment?

Employment at the Pilates Center of San Francisco is one option. In addition, this pilates certification program is highly esteemed in the US and throughout the world. Since graduates have extensive knowledge of all levels of work on all equipment, they become valuable assets to Pilates businesses. 

When can I begin?

The program occurs twice a year in San Francisco. 

What is the time commitment?

Certification takes roughly one year to complete the 700 hours of study, though some may take more time depending on individual student's progress.

How many times do I go to Seattle? 

Apprentices are required to travel to Seattle for training and testing twice during the year, though it is recommend to attend an additional seminar in Seattle for review.


Tuition 2018/2019

Jumbo Package of Private Sessions $6600.00
Total Tuition: *$13,000.00


Application Fee - $150
Basic Seminar- $1750 Seminar, Training, Testing
Intermediate- $2000 Seminar, Training, Testing
Advanced-  $2500 Seminar, Training, Testing

Please go to Metropolitan Pilates for a detailed breakdown

Additional Expenses:

Travel to Seattle two or three times is an expenses to be covered by the apprentice. Travel to review the Intermediate seminar is suggested and requires an additional tuition of $450. Travel for the advanced seminar and the advanced test is required and included in the tuition. Taking additional mat classes is part of the apprentice agreement and are an additional expense.

*Please see scholarships for dancers page if applicable.