Martt Lawrence- Owner and Teacher Trainer

Martt has spent over two decades working with dancers, athletes, and students of varying injuries. She has experience working with special conditions such as scoliosis, pregnancy, postpartum women, hip replacements, and osteoporosis, which has made her a sought-after specialist in her field.

Martt opened The Pilates Center of San Francisco (PCSF) in January 2006. Originally certified in 1996, Martt was re-certified in December of 2005 by Romana's Pilates ™ under the tutelage of Master Teacher Dorothee VandeWalle at Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle.


Louis Aquisto

Louis, a professional dancer, found pilates as a means to rehab from a potentially devastating injury. Since then, his training has supplemented his pursuit of greater physicality and body awareness. Louis decided to enter the mentorship program through the Pilates Center of SF in order to further his studies and gain the ability to share his love of the system through his teaching. He is currently working closely with Martt Lawrence and Dorathee Vandewalle to receive his full certification.

Rachael Gray

Rachael discovered the life-changing benefits of pilates after suffering a spine injury, and her passion for teaching is informed by that experience. She aims to help clients develop body awareness, and reconnect with themselves through deep, centering exercise.

When not in the studio this tall, body-positive performer can be found on a stage or sewing costumes. She is thrilled to be apprenticing at PCSF, and looks forward to sharing the empowerment, focus, and joy that she found in pilates.

Miquel Banquet

Miquel received his certification from Romana's Pilates in New York. While training with the best instructors in the world, he got to witness the true power of Pilates and has worked with just about every physical condition, injury, and body type. His passion for understanding the human body was guided and nurtured by New York instructors and guest teachers from Europe. He gives back what his teachers gave to him, and what he witnessed in his years of training.

Rayannah Salahuddin

Former Volleyball Coach, Ray Salahuddin brings with her an advanced degree in Kinesiology and numerous certifications. In addition to Pilates she has certifications from AFFA, Cycle, NSCA-CSCS, TRX. Committed to her continuous evolution as an Instructor, Ray is most proud of her recent certification in Classical Pilates. Ray trained with Martt Lawrence at The Pilates Center of San Francisco where she completed an arduous 2 year program and examination with Master Trainer, Dorothee Vandewalle at Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle. The authentic Classical Pilates method has changed her life and her passion is to share the transformational benefits a Pilates practice can bring.


Mikyoung Kim

Miki is a Certified Instructor having completed her M.A.T Pilates Certification under Martt Lawrence. She also holds a certification from BASI Pilates which inspired her to learn the authentic form of the exercise taught by Joseph Pilates. Her favorite component of Pilates is Concentration, Miki is a strong advocate of strengthening the mind as well as the body. She has a lifelong passion toward well-being and earned a BS degree in Human Nutrition from UIUC.