AT PCSF, personal training involves expert instruction in a positive and fun environment. One-on-one sessions may include a reformer series, mat work, and selected exercises using equipment such as the Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Arm Chair, High Chair or Barrels to meet your specific needs.

Semi-private training is offered to students who demonstrate ease with intermediate-level exercises.

Small Group Classes

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Small group classes at PCSF are ideal to students looking to add cost effective equipment class in addition to their private or mat class workouts. Class series are different from semi-private training because these classes are offered as a package for a finite number of sessions rather than ongoing training. Come an see what PCSF has to offer!!

PCSF's affiliation with ODC Dance Commons offers high-quality instruction in a modern, spacious facility.  Our team of certified classical Pilates experts teach  group classes as part of the ODC Dance School schedule. These community mat classes are the best value at $15 per session. 


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PCSF's teacher training program is an intensive, one-year apprenticeship. We encourage self-discipline and independent study while providing plenty of personal guidance and hands-on practice. Throughout the process, trainees are given consistent feedback and assessment from a dedicated mentor in a supportive environment. 

The Pilates Center of San Francisco is a satellite training facility for Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle. 



Our Mission: 

The Pilates Center of San Francisco is dedicated to preserving Joseph Pilates innovative work.  Instructors are part of a direct lineage of teachers taught by Joseph Pilates, training approximately 700 hours to earn their certification. Manufactured by Gratz, the equipment we use was built from the original design specifications and mechanics of Joseph Pilates.

Instructors teach all sessions with a rhythm, pace and flow. While focusing on core strength and posture strength, teachers identify and correct bad habits and misalignments. We create a fun exercise experience that provides you with the ability to transform your body. Sessions include a reformer series, mat work (floor exercises), and selected movements using other apparatuses.